Super Sam’s Fun Run

super-sam-fun-runSuper Sam is an inspirational 5 year old who has had a huge impact on my family, even though we’ve never met him. He is fighting off cancer right now, but we have confidence that the Lord is looking over this young family.

And, you can help!! In Fulton, Missouri, on May 4th, 2014, from 2-4 pm, the Callaway County YMCA and a local chapter of Relay for Life are sponsoring a superheroes fun run at the Y. It will include an obstacle course, face painting, heroes (and maybe villains), inflatable jump houses, and all kinds of fun for kids and families. The price is $10 per person or $25 for a family.

We have also received a generous offer from a contributor who is offering an up to $2,500 match contribution if that amount can be raised on May 4th. So, please come out and help raise money to support this young family as they battle cancer with their superhero, Super Sam.

For more information and to RSVP, check out the event page on Facebook –> Super Sam Fun Run on Facebook.

Also, for updates on the status of Sam’s cancer battle, join the SuperSam’s Heroes Facebook Group.

“Give me liberty or give me death!”

“Liberty is an attractive message,” said my friend, State Representative Paul Curtman during his CPAC speech last year. You really should watch the video, it’s below. People are attracted to freedom!

Think about it, our country was created to afford freedom to all of her people. We were under tyrannical rule, and Lady Liberty’s citizens were sick of it! We fought not for a government that over regulates, overtaxes, overspends and forces health care onto every citizen. No, we fought for a government that would stay out of our lives; protect us from enemies foreign and domestic; and ensure that we would never live under tyrannical rule again.

So, let’s fight together to ensure government sticks to the parameters of the constitution, both in Missouri and across the nation. Mainly, we just want to live our lives and not have the government constantly looking over our shoulders. Liberty is what we were promised with the US and Missouri constitution. Liberty is what I’ll fight for as state representative.

God bless,