Missouri Lincoln Days – 2013

Amy and I have had the great pleasure of traveling to St. Louis to meet with statewide Republicans at the 2013 Missouri Lincoln Days. First, the MO Republican Party puts on a great event. It’s been a blast, and thankfully through the years, from being involved in politics, we have many friends to see when we are at these events. I’m always so thankful to catch up and find out all the important Missouri political info.

Secondly, these events mean so much to so many. How many people were encouraged to run for office at Lincoln Days events? I would venture to guess a whole lot. How many folks got to see a future political leader first hand before they became a household name? Plenty.

Lastly, it’s an important time to begin organizing political campaigns and strategies for folks considering a run for office or passing an important statewide or local initiative.

Republican Lincoln Days are always a cherished event for me. I appreciate being a part of what I consider a large family. A large family with plenty of room to grow. A large family with wide open arms to anyone who’s interested in the “Growth and Opportunity Party” (GOP). Come join the party! You can enjoy local Lincoln Days events around mid-Missouri in the coming weeks with the Cole County Lincoln Day dinner happening on Monday, Feb. 18th at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jeff City and the Callaway County Lincoln Day dinner on Monday March 11th at KC Country in Kingdom City.