PRESS RELEASE: Travis Fitzwater Officially Files for State Representative

February 25, 2014

Travis Fitzwater
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Travis Fitzwater Officially Files for State Representative in the 49th District

FULTON, Mo.—Holts Summit resident, Travis Fitzwater, today announced he has officially filed to run for the Missouri State House of Representatives seat in the 49th District located in Callaway County and a portion of Cole County.  Fitzwater has received support from businesses and community members across the district and state as well as current Representative in the 49th District, Jeanie Riddle (R-Mokane).  Riddle looks to represent Missouri’s 10th District in the State Senate, therefore is not seeking re-election to the House.

Fitzwater enjoys being involved in the community as a board member of the Holts Summit Fire Protection District, Chairman of Jefferson City Young Life, working on political campaigns and interacting with local businesses.

“It’s been a joy to get to know so many leaders and community members who have continued to encourage my effort to serve Callaway and Cole Counties in the role of State Representative.  From businesses fighting to keep up their bottom line in a harsh economy, to helping encourage the state to fund a new Fulton State Hospital, to energy infrastructure investments and energy independence, I hope to help make this area become an even better place to live, work and raise a family,” said Fitzwater.

Travis plans to tackle several issues if elected to the House, including the following:

  • Continue to encourage support and funding for the Fulton State Hospital as proposed by Rep. Rick Stream and Rep. Jeanie Riddle, paying off the debt to build the facility in 5 years and saving over $100 million in interest.
  • Garner support for energy suppliers from the state government, while working to reduce regulations in order to update infrastructure and maintain Missouri’s low energy rates.
  • Reduce the size of government and its overreach into our lives.
  • Return taxpayers’ hard earned money to their pockets in the form of reduced income taxes and work to minimize the burden of an overly complicated tax system.
  • Travis will always vote pro-life. He will fight to protect the rights of the unborn and the born, which guarantee the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Finally, Travis is a staunch defender of our right to bear arms.

“Travis is a devoted husband and father, a man of principle and conviction, who will represent the 49th district well. I fully support his campaign to become the next State Representative for our area. His proven leadership ability will be a great asset for Callaway and Cole Counties,” said State Representative Jeanie Riddle.


About Travis Fitzwater:

Travis lives in Holts Summit with his wife, Amy, and their 2-year-old daughter, Sadie.  Travis serves on a number of boards, enjoys being involved in his church, is a member of many conservative organizations and is an avid sports fan.  Travis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and graduated from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s “Leadership Missouri” program in 2007.

Missouri Lincoln Days – 2013

Amy and I have had the great pleasure of traveling to St. Louis to meet with statewide Republicans at the 2013 Missouri Lincoln Days. First, the MO Republican Party puts on a great event. It’s been a blast, and thankfully through the years, from being involved in politics, we have many friends to see when we are at these events. I’m always so thankful to catch up and find out all the important Missouri political info.

Secondly, these events mean so much to so many. How many people were encouraged to run for office at Lincoln Days events? I would venture to guess a whole lot. How many folks got to see a future political leader first hand before they became a household name? Plenty.

Lastly, it’s an important time to begin organizing political campaigns and strategies for folks considering a run for office or passing an important statewide or local initiative.

Republican Lincoln Days are always a cherished event for me. I appreciate being a part of what I consider a large family. A large family with plenty of room to grow. A large family with wide open arms to anyone who’s interested in the “Growth and Opportunity Party” (GOP). Come join the party! You can enjoy local Lincoln Days events around mid-Missouri in the coming weeks with the Cole County Lincoln Day dinner happening on Monday, Feb. 18th at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jeff City and the Callaway County Lincoln Day dinner on Monday March 11th at KC Country in Kingdom City.


We Vote Pro-Life

We WILL vote pro-life! This is simple, once a woman and man conceive a child (the moment the egg is fertilized = conception), that child is no longer just an egg, just a thing in the womb, that child is a human, created in God’s image, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, of which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To go further, there is no in-between. Men and women don’t get to decide the date a child becomes a human, the child becomes a human the moment they are conceived, period, decided by God, our Creator (Psalm 139:13-14)! Bottom line? When we begin to decide that a child in the womb doesn’t have the dignity they deserve, endowed by God, and continue to kill millions of children (most of which out of convenience), we are committing moral depravity to the highest degree! Murder is murder, whether in the womb or out, killing a child should be on the same level as murder.

Travis WILL vote pro-life!